Baby Update VI

The hospital appointment was later than usual on Saturday (11:30), so we left the house at about 10:45.  It was pretty hot, no surprise there..

After waiting for what seemed like forever, I went in to see the doctor.  I’ve been holding the knee to chest position every night for a week, and when the doctor put the scanner on my stomach where he hoped the head should be, it was right there!  It seems there’s something in that pose after all.  Or maybe she just decided it was time to move head down again.

She was facing us, so we got a clear view, and the doctor said her size is good, and heartbeat and everything is ok.  Her head now measures 8.9cm., which is like an orange.  My blood sugar was normal, although one of the measurements was a little high, so the doctor said I should cut down on calories and sugar for the future, as I may have a tendency to develop diabetes.  They also found sugar in my urine for the first time that day too.

We finally got to grips with the epidural process.  They usually admit people in week 38 or 39.  The doctor said he could admit me on 13th, and they would try to start my contractions on 14th, and then give me the epidural.  If my body is not ready, they will need to try the next day, and the next day, etc..The bad thing, is that if I go into labour before they admit me, their policy is not to give the epidural, and that’s all they have.  It means that in that case, I wouldn’t get any pain relief, which is a bit worrying.  My translator woman laughed about that, and was surprised that I was worried.  Coming from the woman who was in labour for 40 hours with both of her children.  I think it must have been too long for her to remember, and I said something similar, and she laughed and told me I would forget too.Image

Next appointment will be 28th August, and as my doctor is fully booked, I must yet again see another doctor…This will be my last big check-up and the last time that Yusuke can see a scan.  At that time, I’ll have blood tests (to check the liver and kidney function, anaemia, blood sugar and pregnancy induced hypertension), a non-stress-test, and the usual tests.  They’ll also have to check to see if my body will be ok for the epidural.  Fingers crossed…

I’m attaching the latest scan picture, and will follow with the noted version!



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