Maebashi Firework Flop

At around 5p.m. yesterday (Tuesday), I made my way to Maebashi station.  It’s Obon season at the moment, which is similar in roots to Hallowe’en.  People go to their family graves and invite their ancestors back to their home for the period of Obon.  Alongside this festival, every August 15th, Maebashi has a big fireworks festival.  There were loads of people milling about wearing Yukata (summer kimono) waiting for buses to take them by the river.  Last year, I went to a bridge by the river to watch, but this year, Yusuke and I decided to go to the prefectural tower (32nd floor) to watch from there.  It turned out that loads of people had the same idea, so it was very crowded.  The staff there had placed a load of chairs in front of the windows, so that people could watch from there.

There were obviously a lot of people that had got there early, and there were some chairs with random items placed on them like drink bottles, hair clips, etc., to save their seats – much like towels on beachside loungers…

Of course, the fact that I was standing up and obviously pregnant these days didn’t mean anything.  We stood by the window to wait for the fireworks to start.  After about 10 minutes, my back was really hurting.  We stood there a little bit longer until the fireworks started and we realised that we couldn’t see anything from the position that we were in.  We moved around a bit and watched for about half an hour.

Even though we finally managed to get sat down, I didn’t really feel very comfortable, and we decided we would go home.  I think next year, a better idea will be to be on the bridge again.  Watching the fireworks from that building was like watching them on television, and the atmosphere was a bit rubbish.  The fireworks were good though, so it was a shame reallyImage

There’s another fireworks festival in Isezaki, about an hours drive from here on the last day of this month.  There are to be 35,000 fireworks in total, so hopefully, we can go and sit outside to watch them instead of in a tall building!


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