Sunday 13th August BBQ

I woke up at around 7a.m. to find Yusuke with the lamp on reading his book..I went back to sleep, and after waking up another half and hour later, I decided to get up because I was really hungry!  I got up and ate cereal, then started feeling a bit odd.  I was dizzy and hot and sick, so I went back to bed to lie down.  I woke up again at around noon, feeling much better, but not really sure why I didn’t feel all that well.  I feel as if I’m having belated morning sickness or something.  I suppose I was just tired.

I ate some lunch, and then just bummed around the house until it was time to meet our neighbours(Tatsuya and Maiko) for the BBQ.  We met up at 5p.m. and then went to the supermarket to buy food.  It was then that I remembered how difficult the locals find it to make a decision for the group…

We stood in the vegetable section for ages, before finally agreeing that we would just buy green peppers and use Maiko’s vegetables that she’d got from her parents’ farm.Image  After about 30 minutes of more and the same, where even I started to hesitate on making a decision about which packet of meat looked the best, we bought some fireworks and headed for home.  The fireworks were a bit expensive, but we wanted to split the money anyway.  Tatsuya and Maiko thought that they should pay more, because they’d picked them out…so for the next few minutes, Maiko chased Yusuke with a 1000 yen note out on the street..Image

We’d thought about having the BBQ in the park, but because I wasn’t feeling too well that day, we changed it to the garden in between our two apartment blocks.  It was ok at first, because it was still light, but after a while it started getting dark and we were having trouble even seeing whether the meat was cooked or not!  The street lights here are really dim, and because it’s a quiet residential area, there aren’t all that many of them either.

After eating like pigs, and me having trouble understanding what everyone was talking about, we packed everything up and sent down to the park with the fireworks.  I like sparklers, but there are loads of fireworks here, no legal age to buy them, and supposed hand-held ones that burn you if the wind changes direction, so I was happier to watch..I had a go with a sparkler though, but that was it.  Yusuke was trying to be “creative” with the stronger hand-held ones, so I felt nervous most of the time, but it was fun, and I only got three mosquito bites this time…Image


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