Monday 14th August

I had a bit of a lazy day on Monday, but I did manage to start packing my hospital bag.  As I’m set to be there for at least five days, I decided to take my small suitcase.  The list of things that I have to take with me is pretty long.  Because everything has to be paid for, I have to take all my own towels, tissues, etc., although they will rent pyjamas which is quite good because I don’t want to ruin any of mine.  I was worried that I hadn’t packed my bag, but now I’m stressed that it means the baby is coming soon.  My old school friend Susan said that her baby was born two weeks early and the night before, she suddenly packed her hospital bag and stayed up until 11p.m. ironing baby clothes.  Her waters broke at 3a.m.

I slept really well on Sunday night, even though the baby was moving around loads.  I don’t think she’s head down yet, but have a feeling she may be transverse, as when she kicks/punches, I can feel it on both sides at the same time..I hope she turns eventually.

I decided that I would cook new things all week this week, instead of relying on the same foods that I always cook.  It gives me something to do, and will be helpful to have some more recipes in mind for after the baby is born.  For dinner, I made Sage Chicken and Rice, which was yummy!  After we’d eaten, I dragged Yusuke to the supermarket to buy ingredients for the rest of the week.  The recipe book I was using is a western one, even though I bought it here in Japan, so some of the ingredients were a little bit hard to find, and those that we found were a little bit expensive, but much cheaper than just saying,” oh, let’s go out for dinner tonight”, which we both tend to do at least once a week.

I’m writing this a day later, and am going to go back to bed for a couple of hours…Image



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