Thursday – Takasaki

Finally I managed to get out of the house for once.  It’s really hot today, but I put on the coolest clothes that I could find and caught the bus to Takasaki at around 2p.m.  Once I got outside, I found it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  There was a slight breeze, so although I got sweaty, I could actually breathe.  The baby seems to like the bus journeys, or it could be the music on my iPod.  She always kicks loads on the bus.  I felt a bit restricted as she’s started pushing really high up just below my ribs, so I feel as if I can’t sit up straight at all.  Luckily, the bus seats aren’t so straight, so it was a fairly comfortable journey.  I was able to turn the air conditioning dials above my head so the cold air was blasting on my face, which was nice.  I could have stayed on the bus all afternoon!

I went to HMV to see what foreign magazines they had.  They usually have Heat, but they must have just got a new delivery in, because they had loads of stuff!  I grabbed them all, except Vogue..which I will never find interesting.  So I got Heat, Marie Claire, Elle and In Style, which I don’t usually like, but it had a free bag and they were all about four pounds.  That sounds really expensive in pounds, but it’s good considering they are usually more than five.  Heat was only about 2 pounds though. 

After that, I went to a cafe for lunch.  I basically picked the place with the most comfortable chairs, but they didn’t really have a sandwich that I wanted, but for some reason I ordered the salmon and cream cheese bagel, although I don’t really like salmon.  I also remembered that I’d read something somewhere about pregnant women not being supposed to eat cream cheese…I ordered a “fruit and passion soda” and the woman behind the counter started going on about co-enzymes, at which point, I got really confused.  It turned out she just wanted to show me a picture of what it looked like and that it was healthy..strange.  It was yummy anyway.

I did about  half an hour of window shopping after that, but I got tired really quickly because I’d bought all those magazines that were weighing me down…The bagel hadn’t really filled me up, so I went to another cafe for coffee and chocolate cake, and to read some more – VERY yummy cake!  Even though I could have done the same thing at home, I felt much better to be out of the house and in a different environment where there were actually people around.  I did get pushed around a bit walking through the station building though.  I swear I’m invisible to people sometimes, even though I’m getting bigger.  I’ll start punching next time..or cry.

I caught the bus home at 5:20 (see photo) and kind of enjoyed the bus journey even.  How sad I am!  I got home about half an hour ago.  Yusuke’s playing football tonight, so I’m going to have dinner soonish.  It seems all I do these days is eat!  I’m trying to graze, rather than pig out three times a day, so I’m eating about six meals these days.  Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep tonight, because I’m feeling pretty tired after being outside and walking about.


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