The hottest day ever – Thursday 10th August

Last night, when I couldn’t get to sleep for hours, I thought about my plans for today, that is, I thought I should make some.  I decided that I would take the bus into Takasaki and go shopping and for a coffee, and things that normal people do.  When I woke up this morning and left the air-conditioned comforts of my bedroom, the heat hit me like a hammer.  There was no way any human being could walk in this, let alone breathe.  I looked out of the window and saw the builders on the house opposite.  I can’t understand how they can work and not pass out.  People in Europe go on winter holidays to escape the cold, but I’d like to take a summer holiday to escape the heat.

So anyway, it’s now almost midday and I’m still wondering whether I can be outside long enough to walk to the bus stop (about 10 mins.) and take the air conditioned bus to the station, where the shopping areas are all cool and undercover.  I do feel a bit bored, and don’t have anything to eat for lunch anyway.  I’ll see how I feel after a shower.  I can’t wait for autumn!


One thought on “The hottest day ever – Thursday 10th August

  1. Hello!!
    Finally I did it!!I sign up Yahoo UK.
    I`m wondering I can stay out side or not now.It`s tooooo hot!!!(=▽=)
    But I have train pass until today,So I want to.
    So,did u go anywhere?

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