Wednesday 9th August, 2006 – what no typhoon?!

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain.  I was immediately happier, as it may mean today would be cooler than usual.  I was sleeping with the windows closed and the air conditioner on, so I had no idea what the real weather was doing!  I watched the news when I got up, and it said there was a typhoon on the way (Typhoon Maria, known in Japan as number 7), which made me even happier.  Usually when a typhoon’s on the way, the pressure drops, and it gets cooler and much more bearable.  I always feel happy when there’s a typhoon on the way!

Anyway, I went back to bed with the window open and slept like a baby for three hours!  When I woke up again, the rain had stopped and it was a bit humid again.  Damn it!  I’d slept through the best part of the day.  Apparently, the typhoon had hit the area earlier this morning, and was now moving it’s way up to the Tohoku region.  There’s another typhoon on the way(Typhoon Saomai, known in Japan as number 8, surprise, surprise), but it’s not coming to this part of Japan.  By midday today it was passing through Okinawa and is now moving west.  So there goes the cool day that I was hoping for.

I’ve been feeling more tired as the days progress, but my back has stopped hurting so much and now I think the baby may have changed positions.  I’m trying to work out whether she’s kicking me or elbowing me to try to work out the position, but when babies can stick their legs by their ears, it’s kind of hard to tell where they are!  I’ve started to get a few stretch marks on my tummy – so much for stretch mark cream…and my waist is almost gone now, but my bump is still weird looking..

My friend told me that one of her co-workers had gone into hospital with a stomachache and been told she was in labour…but she’d had no idea she was even pregnant..poor thing.


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