Tuesday 8th August, 2006

I woke up again itching like mad at about 3a.m., then at 6a.m. and then to the alarm clock at 9a.m.  Yusuke was on flex shift today, so it means he starts at 10:30 and technically finishes at 7:30, so I had a lie-in.  Although my body doesn’t seem to need as much sleep at the moment.

After he’d left, I put the washing on, and decided I would go to the bank and the supermarket before it got too hot. 

By the time I got to the bank, I was really hot and sweaty.  My hair was sticking to my head and I looked as if I’d just come out of the sauna fully clothed.  Everyone else in the bank looked as fresh as a daisy.  This isn’t only due to my pregnant state though.  People always look a lot less hot and bothered than I do.  I, for example, couldn’t even think about going outside wearing full-length trousers or with my hair down.  When I worked in Head Office, and had to visit schools wearing my suit and fully made up, it wasn’t a pretty sight…And I’d be wiping my brow every minute, but other people seem to get on ok.  I had this theory about body temperature, because my usual temperature is 37 degs., whereas a lot of my Japanese friends say theirs is about 36.

Anyway, when I finally got home (I say finally, but it was only about 40 minutes in total), I was ready for a shower again.  Even hanging out the washing was a bit painful!  I’m thinking about going for a nap fairly soonish.  I’m quite fed-up in this weather.  I said yesterday, if it was any of the other seasons, I’d be able to go into town for a coffee or a stroll, but this weather makes that a mammoth task.


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