Feeding Frenzy!

Sunday –

I got up at about 9 o’clock and we went to the coffee shop for, well, a coffee.  They have a “morning free”, which actually means we can order a coffee and eat as many rolls, croissants and eggs as we want from 7:30 until 11a.m.  I took my magazines and some stuff from the embassy about birth registration and stuff and Yusuke and I sat there for about two hours.  It was really hot again, so much too hot to be outside.

Next weekend, we’ll have a BBQ with two of our neighbours but we didn’t decide whether to have it in the garden of our building, or by the river.  After leaving the cafe, we decided to go down by the river and see which is the best option.  When we left the cafe, it seemed like a good idea, but it was 12:20, so not really the best time of day to be outside.  There’s a park down by the river, and it was full of children practicing baseball and a couple of families having BBQs of their own.  Walking down to the side of the river was a bit difficult, because the shore is sandy, but it’s covered with big round rocks.  By the time we got to the edge, I was roasting.  There were some people wading in the river fishing, and we could see the bottom really well, so it’s very clean.  I thought about swimming in it, but it looked as if there were two strong opposite currents working against each other, so I didn’t think it was a very good idea, although some people were risking it.  I settled for standing barefoot in the water for a couple of minutes.  The walk back to the car seemed to last forever and it was soooooooo hot in there.

Later that afternoon, we went to Yusuke’s Mother’s house for a BBQ.  As soon as we got out of the car it felt a lot cooler than in Maebashi.  It’s only a 30 minute drive, but the land is higher, so there’s a bit more wind.  There were unfortunately more bugs.  I took my mosquito zapper thing, but I ended up getting bitten.  I can never tell when I’m being bitten, so usually notice afterwards.  I put some repellant spray on, but it didn’t help either.  We ate loads, and I wanted to eat more, but I got full too quickly.

We took the 3D scan video, which Kyoko recorded onto video.  It was quite boring to watch again, and very difficult to see what part was what.  I’m not sure I’ll watch it again anytime soon.  I’d rather just wait until the real baby’s here.  I ended up getting a bad stomach from eating so much meat, and woke up at 3a.m. with loads of bites.  I counted up to 20 this morning, an they’re all getting bigger, yuk!

After Yusuke had gone off to work this morning (Monday), I went straight back to bed for a couple of hours with the air conditioning, and now I’m wondering what to do in this insanely hot weather.  I’m sure it’s another day under the air conditioner!


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