Wednesday 2nd August, 2006

Another good day.  I’m hoping that this is when my energy levels will be high (like it’s been saying in all the books) and I won’t feel so tired anymore.  Well, obviously still tired, but not as fed up. 

I woke up at 3, 3:45, 5:30 and then finally at 6:30a.m., made Yusuke’s lunch (and almost threw up when I smelled the salmon), ate breakfast whilst watching the news.  This week, a seven-year old girl was sucked into a suction pipe in a local public swimming pool and stuck there until she drowned.  It’s a really horrible story that could be a case of negligence, so it’s a very controversial issue right now.  Anyway, it means that I’m not going to go to the public pool for this year at least.

After Yusuke had left, I went back to bed.  It was warm this morning, but not really all that humid, so the electric fan was good enough to keep cool.  I fell asleep reading my new book after having found a really comfortable position, which is very rare these days.  I woke up two hours later with a myriad of imprints on the left side of my face and body and a bit of a stiff neck, but rested all the same.

I decided to go to the bank and get some juice and stuff from the supermarket while it was still morning, well kind of.  When I got to the bank, I updated my bank books, but realised that I’d left the purse with my bank cards in it at home..It’s the second time I’ve done that.  How annoying.  Luckily the bank is only a 5-10 minute walk from the house, so it’s not such a big deal.  I decided I’d go to the supermarket anyway and make sure I didn’t spend more than 2000 yen, which was all I had (about 10 pounds).

I bought some grapes that were on special – yummy! And I bought white fish to breadcrumb and grill for dinner.  I’m now looking at recipes in my “Recipes for Japanese Cooking” book, but it’s all a bit complicated, so I’ll stick to the breadcrumbed fish and serve it with rice and vegetables.

Carrying on my day doing productive things, I did laundry, aired all the bedding outside with the carpet beater and have just reluctantly washed the red cow toy…I was unsure whether he would get ruined, and I’m still not sure if he will still be as soft as he was before.  He looks ok though, and is now hanging outside like a flying bull..ha ha!  The weather outside is really pleasant, so I returned to the bank and then came back home.  I really miss being outside, but it’s been so hot lately that I just haven’t been able to stand it.  There are so many bugs too.  Since we moved in here, we’ve have all sorts of creepy crawlies visiting.  We’ve had numerous beetles, the mantis, a dragonfly, a hornet, a few spiders and a couple of days ago, a cricket.  Outside our house the other day was the biggest spider I’ve ever seen outside a zoo.  it was really and truly the size of my palm and looked like a tarantula.  Big, hairy and fast.  I have a feeling it was a poisonous one that had come down from the mountains somehow.  Yuck.

I got an e-mail from my former co-worker, whose wife is having a baby about a month before me.  He’s Canadian and she’s Japanese, and he told me they are also having a girl who they plan to call Sarah.  I kind of wish they were having a boy, because I feel irritated by all the’s like Mel (of Mel and Sue fame) says in her book.  It’s really annoying to be around other pregnant women, because they are almost always feeling better than you are, and steal your thunder.Image

I’ll stop going on now, because I’m going to start washing rice for dinner because I’m hungry..surprise surprise..Still only gained four kilos though..I’m still waiting for the weight to pile on.


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