Thursday 3rd August – Scorchio

Today is vvvvverrrrrrrrryy hot and yucky.  When I woke up at 6:30 this morning, it was actually fresh and cool, but after my morning nap, I woke up really sweaty.  It said on the news this morning that the temperature in Maebashi was set to be 33 degrees, but it’s the humidity that’s the real killer.  I stupidly decided to go to the supermarket to get the rest of the stuff that I forgot yesterday.  It wouldn’t really be a stupid decision if it wasn’t the hottest time of the day..

It was only when I left the house that I realised the top of my leg and the same side of my lower back was really achy.  I walked to the shop like an old woman, but listening to the Chris Moyles podcast on my i-Pod.  I usually find it funny, but today they were talking about a lot of celebrities that I don’t really know because they’ve come along since I’ve been living here.  Still funny anyway, and I got a few odd looks from the old grannies in the supermarket when I couldn’t quite stifle a snigger or two.

I got a call from Yusuke, who was sitting in his car during his lunch break with the air conditioner on.  He said it was so hot that the a/c didn’t really do anything.  I have all the windows closed and the air conditioner on here, and it’s really cool now, so I suppose I’m quite lucky not to have to go outside if I don’t want to.  All I have to do is hang laundry out on the balcony.  Yay!

I had a bit of a panic attack yesterday, because I haven’t been working for three months, but I haven’t really done anything too productive during that time.  I thought of the things that I SHOULD have done:

I should have studied at least an hour of Japanese a day.

I should have been doing my Pilates DVD every day instead of thinking, “I’ll do it tomorrow”

I should have joined the ‘Maternity-bics’ exercise class at the hospital

I should have childproofed the apartment

I should have read more about childcare

I should have learned more recipes

Instead, what I have done seems ridiculous.  Instead of the above list, I have:

Got to know the daily t.v. schedule better than a t.v. producer

Sat on the sofa for a ridiculous amount of hours per day

Worried endlessly about giving birth

Worried endlessly about looking after the baby

Felt sorry for myself at any available opportunity

Felt guilty for not exercising

Felt guilty for not doing any of the things on the I should have list

The thing is, I haven’t really felt that much like doing anything, so I think even if I went back in time, I’d probably still do the same things.  When I first stopped working, and after we’d gone through the moving headache, I took it as my opportunity to rest and take it easy, and I never really got out of it.  I think the reason why I want to go back to work is because my life doesn’t really have a good routine going.  I’m actually getting dressed now though, which is a vast improvement on slobbing around all day in my pyjamas!  I think the morning routine I had before going to work was my motivator, and as soon as I didn’t have that, I didn’t really feel motivated to do anything anymore.  I haven’t worn make-up for months, whereas I used to have to wear it every day.  My skin looks great thoughImage and my feet are really smooth from not having to wear heels anymore.  I’m also a bit dubious at starting to live my days in a strict routine, because I know I won’t be able to do that once the baby comes, so in theory, my daily life is the best way…just boring.Image

The photo is my supermarket, by the way.




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