Sunday 30th July

Today Yusuke was supposed to go out at the crack of dawn and help the rest of our building to cut the grass and weed.  Unfortunately, or fortunately for him, he couldn’t get up.  I, however, was kept awake from 6-7 by the incessant whirring of the stupid weed-cutting machine below our window.

We left the house at about 10 and went to the cafe across the river where we can buy a coffee and eat as many bread rolls and hard-boiled eggs as we want.  I read my etiquette book, which had me laughing out loud and we sat in there for about two hours, during which time I had about two or three hot flushes where I caused those around us to freeze from my manic flapping of newspapers around my face.

I picked up some magazines from the book shop and then we went home.  We decided to eat Yakiniku (bbqed meat) which meant we had to protect the floor underneath because of all the oil that tends to fly everywhere.

We started watching Seabiscuit, which I wasn’t really all that excited about, but found it nice.  I haven’t finished watching it yet, because it’s sooooo long.


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