Saturday 29th July

Today was supposed to be a lazy day, but of course it never really turns out like that.  We went to Ito Yokado (a shop) and bought a couple of towels that were on special before deciding to go to lunch at Big Boy.  I can’t really eat all that much at one time anymore, so it’s a bit difficult to eat as much as a normal person…Anyway, after that, we went to the library, where I picked up a hilarious book about Japan/Western etiquette, a mother and baby book, a book about elementary schooling experiences by westerners in Japan, and a video called “Maternity Life”. 

On the way back home, we noticed that there was a new shop opened near our house.  It sells “recycled goods”, i.e. second-hand goods, so we popped in there to have a look.  We walked out with a Moses Basket (almost as new) that we picked up for about 10 pounds, a gas hob with a fish grill (which Yusuke has been after for ages) and a cute little soft beanie buddy red bull toy for a pound, which we ended up getting for free.  It seems we can never actually go somewhere and just browse..

When we got home, we watched the Maternity Life video, which turned out to be absolutely awful.  There were things on there that non-pregnant people know.  You shouldn’t smoke and drink when pregnant, there are different options for labour, etc.  and it lasted about 10 minutes, so it’s good that we just hired it from the library and didn’t actually pay anything for it.

I wonder if I can put the bull in the washing machine, because I just noticed there’s an oily patch on his foot.


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