Turned on the news this morning to find the weather forecast saying that Niigata is in for torrential rain this weekend.  How typical is that?  It’s going to be fine here, just freak weather over there.  So once again, no beach.  Maybe the weekend after…

Oh well, sometimes it’s more stressful going away than staying near home.  I just like going in the sea and being somewhere with a breeze.  Today’s forecast rain too, so another boring day in my boring world.  I really don’t have anything exciting (or not) to say today.  I managed to sleep ok yesterday, and am planning to go back to bed in half an hour or so.  Baby is still moving around a lot, but not attacking me this time, so it’s quite comforting to know everything is ok in there.

Photo is Australia, and not Japan, by the way.  With a couple of stray dogs that I adopted for the day.


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