Bored Bored Bored…

Well, it’s Thursday and I’m sooooooooooo bored.  I can’t sleep because the baby is doing acrobatics in my womb, and my back’s aching.  Fortunately, the air conditioner means that it’s not too hot to sleep, but it’s hard work.  It seems that the only time I can properly sleep is in the daytime, when I usually go back to bed for a couple of hours.

I’m watching a really weird film right now just because it’s on.  It’s actually quite interesting, just weird, and I feel as if I should be doing something a little bit more productive.  I’m getting cabin fever, but when I went out to the bank yesterday, it was so hot that I couldn’t even breathe, so going outside isn’t really an option at the moment.  I was only out for ten minutes, but on the way back, I was promising myself that I wouldn’t go out again this week!

We’re hoping to go to the beach this weekend if the weather’s good.  Not to Ibaraki again though, but to Niigata, on the Japan Sea coast.  We went there last year and stayed in a really old but fairly cheap house on the beach that’s run by a Philipine woman and her Japanese husband.  It’s literally on the beach near a kind of man-made cove so it’s good for swimming and snorkelling.  I want to make the most of my fat mama swimsuit before I have the baby!



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