Baby Update IV

Today is the beginning of my 31st week.  Last Saturday, I went to the hospital for a regular check-up and to get test results from my last appointment.  My doctor is still Dr. Sato…

Because it was a Saturday, Yusuke was able to come with me again.  We arrived at the hospital at 8:20a.m. and waited for hardly any time at all.  I have a slight infection, so the doctor gave me some medicine and then went through the results.  My haemoglobin levels are good, liver and kidney function ok, but my blood sugar levels were slightly high.  This means that there’s a slight possibility that I have diabetes or gestational diabetes, so next time, they’ll give me another test.  Before that test, I won’t be able to eat from 9p.m. the previous day and can only drink water or japanese tea.  The test itself will take two or three hours in total, so it’s going to be pretty boring.  It seems as if everytime I go there’s a problem of some sort.  Either I ate too much salt, or my cholesterol is too high, and now this.  I felt a bit deflated after the visit.

The baby is doing ok though, and the doctor said just a little bigger than the average japanese baby, but he says it’s because our baby is mixed race anyway.  I DID however, get to see the baby’s ribs, spine, heartbeat, and whole body quite clearly.  I’m attaching two pictures to this post and will put a notated one on the next!


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