No Beach after all…

On Saturday, I went to the hospital – I’ll write about that and include a photo on Tuesday.  As the weather was still not brilliant and I wasn’t feeling that good, we decided not to go to the beach on Sunday and Monday after all.  After going to the hospital and Yusuke’s last visit to the dentist, we headed to “Aka-chan Honpo” baby store to stock up on the things on the hospital ,things you need to bring and essentials to prepare at home, list.  We wandered around the shop for about an hour in total.  We had planned to buy a cot, but they didn’t have all of their models in the shop, which I thought was rubbish.  I don’t like the idea of buying before seeing, and I think it’s very important to be able to test these things.  Eventually, Yusuke and I decided that we will rent a cot.  If we rent for a year, it’ll cost about 7000 yen (about 40 pounds) and after which, we don’t need to worry about storing it, or paying to have it thrown out.  After that time, we should be able to use a futon for the baby, but we’ll see.

We whizzed around the shop picking up nappies, a nappy bin, baby wash, nail scissors, a bath thermometer, bottles, and ended up spending a total of 21,000 yen (about 125 pounds), which seems like a lot, but I feel a lot more prepared now, and have everything that I’ll need to pack my hospital bag and feel ready for the baby, so in terms of self-assurance, it’s well worth it.

Today, after picking up a little fan for the fish tank (we’ve had to remove the heater AND buy this fan because the water temperature is getting too high for the tropical fish), we spotted a second-hand children’s store (not to buy second-hand children, you understand).  We went in there supposedly just to have a look, and found there were some really great things in there.  I know baby items don’t last for a long time, but baby items in Japan look almost brand new.  I sometimes wonder whether the family bought the items and then never actually used them..

So after our supposed browsing session, we walked out of the shop with a couple of bargains – a pushchair (Suitable from two months to two years old) by Combi which is in really good condition, fully reclines, padded, with a hood and a seat that you can remove from the frame, light enough to pick up and carry,fold up and fold out with one hand.  That ended up costing 11,000 yen (about 65 pounds) although the retail price is about 40,000 yen.  We also got a bouncy chair thing for 1,500 yen (about 8 pounds), so spent quite a bit today, but they were good bargains, so thought it was best to snap them up in case there weren’t any for when we came to look for them.

It’s now almost one a.m. and I’m writing this now because I wasn’t able to fall asleep, so I got up and braved the toilet (after spying a huge dead millipede in there earlier), and had something to eat.  Yusuke is of course dead to the world – he could sleep through anything and indeed fall asleep anywhere at any time.  I’m going to the hairdresser tomorrow, so I should try to get some sleep really, as I’ll be in there for about three hours, I suppose.


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