Thursday 20th July

The air conditioner got fitted yesterday, so we now have two rooms that are bearable to live in!  The irony is that since last weekend, the temperature had really dropped and it hasn’t stopped raining.  It has still been humid, but much easier to sleep in.  However, today, after having a nap late this morning and being very rudely awakened by the pneumatic drill right underneath the window, I decided to switch the bedroom and the spare room/gym/clothes hanger room.  I preferred the other room as the bedroom, but I’m quite surprised at how nice the new one looks!  I might even go for another nap… I hoovered everywhere and can now finally relax!  How sad..I never feel that I can when the place is messy.

I got a surprise e-mail yesterday from Susan, one of my old school friends.  She had found my address on Friends Reunited and wanted to get in touch.  She’s now living in Clayhanger, is married, and has a two year old daughter called Abbie.  She did a Law Degree and is a qualified solicitor, but after being made redundant, she’s decided to be a full-time stay at home Mumfor a while.  She also sometimes sees Caroline, another old school friend near her house and Susan says it looks as if she has two children, who are about 10 or 12 years old, which is a bit bizarre to hear!  Susan’s Dad bumped into my Dad a couple of years ago and were apparently chatting away like old mates, which sounds fairly typical, doesn’t it?

Anyway, better get the laundry outside before it starts raining again.  Ah, my exciting life..Image



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