Peaceful Morning!

I woke up at 5:30 to the sound of heavy rain.  After a fairly quiet rainy season, it seems that it’s not even over yet.  Apparently it’s going to be raining all day today.  I hope it clears up for going to the beach again this weekend.  One good thing is that the temperature has gone way down, although the pressure is also pretty low.

I realised after a few seconds that I had left the washing hanging outside.  Serves me right for picking the only dry few hours of the week yesterday evening to hang it out.  I brought the hangers in and hung it inside, then went back to bed.  In what seemed like two minutes later (but was actually about an hour later), the alarm went off.  I got up, made Yusuke’s lunch, and decided to make myself one so it would be easier to just reheat when the time came.  After he’d gone to work, I went back to bed with my book.  Now this is the time when I usually fall asleep reading, and then am rudely awakened by drilling/dogs/motorbikes/people chattering.  Instead, I woke up at 11:15, with my book still in my hand, and no noise anywhere!  It was then I remembered that I’d switched the bedroom.  So even though it’s not hot enough to warrant using the air conditioner (even a little bit chilly!), being in that room is definitely better!

I’ll be going to the hospital again tomorrow, which I’m not really looking forward to because I don’t like my new doctor, but it’s always good to see that things are progressing ok.  And I always get a new scan photo to add to my collection.  Baby is moving around a lot today, and I can see my stomach going up and down every so often like sauce bubbling inside a pie!  Talking of pies, I’m starving.  I’ve already eaten my lunch and now it’s time for a snack!  I’m starting to get a really healthy appetite these days, but if anyone puts an idea about food into my head, I really want to eat it!  Yesterday I was talking to Callum online, and he mentioned pizza.  So last night we went out for pizza – yum!  No doubt that’ll show badly in my tests tomorrow…I’ve been told by Ms. Fukuda that bananas reduce the body’s salt content, so I’ve been eating a lot of them!  Hmm, bananas and ice-cream and chocolate sauce…that sounds nice, but not really good for making the most of calories!


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