Weekend Trip

We left the house on Saturday morning at 9a.m. after having found out that our drive was going to take 4-5 hours…The paid highway isn’t a direct route, so we decided to go along usual roads.  The journey was full of rice fields and small towns, but not as miserable as taking the motorway where we can’t really see anything.  After stopping for lunch, we carried on until we reached Mito city at around 4 p.m., feeling a little worse for wear.  After checking into the hotel, we decided it was too late to head for the beach, but we drove there to see what it was like for the following day. 

When we got there, there were still people swimming in the ocean, and we paddled for a bit, but the water was really cold!  There were lots of shell fish along the shore that people had dug up and eaten – yuk.  Yusuke started digging with his hands to try to find more of them..The beach there was really long and clean.  I could understand why I’d read that it’s one of the most pleasant bathing spots in Kanto.  There were also quite a few surfers, as the water was a little rough.  On the way back to the hotel, the rain started and suddenly became a really big storm.  While we were in the shop, there were two power cuts, and even the traffic lights cut out.  In the car after that, we had to pull over, because the rain was so heavy that we couldn’t see a thing!

That night I fell asleep really quickly because of the long trip!  It was nice to sleep in a bed again instead of my futon.  I realised how easy it is for a pregnant woman to get up from a bed as opposed to getting up from the floor!  There was also a western style bath in the hotel room, so I had a long bath before sleeping, and could get out relatively easily, whereas I’ve only had one bath in the apartment because it’s so deep and easy to get stuck!

The next day, we left the hotel at around 9 o’clock and drove the 20 minutes back to the beach.  It was a cloudy day, but hot.  As soon as we set up the sheet and parasol on the beach (which was already crowded), we headed for the sea with the rubber ring.  It was …really cold!  It reminded me of the slow entrance into the sea in Britain, except the sea bed wasn’t littered with rubbish and stones and stuff.  It took about five minutes before I could dip my shoulders under.  Once I’d got swimming, it was really nice to be in the sea again.  It was especially nice to just float in the rubber ring.  I could almost have slept in there.

It would have been really good to bodyboard there because of the waves, but I didn’t think that would be a very wise idea this year!  Maybe next year.  At around 2p.m. it started to rain, so we had to run out of the sea and go and change out of wet swimsuits in the car, which was a bit awful.  From that time, it rained for the whole trip, so we were lucky to have had a good morning on the beach.


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