Last day of the trip

After having found out from the taxi driver that it would be raining all day, we decided to go to the aquarium on Monday.  Unfortunately, everyone seemed to have the same idea.  Monday was a national holiday, “Marine Day”, so the area was packed.  We had to queue up in the car to get into the car park, and could watch the surfers waiting for good waves in the ocean.  Fortunately, we didn’t have to queue up to wait to get in after we’d parked the car.  The aquarium was really big, and there was lots to see.  It’s funny to listen to peoples’ comments when they look at the tanks, because usually they say, “oishii so!”, which means, ‘that looks yummy!’  The sharks were really scary, and some of them had big gashes in their sides where the other sharks had bitten into them. 

We walked around there for an hour or two, and it got a bit much with all the people there, so we decided to leave before we’d seen every single thing so that we could go for lunch, hit the fish market and go home.  When we got to the fish market, it was really yucky.  Yusuke wanted to buy some fish for his mother and sister, so after rolling up my trousers, we walked around the stinky fish market.  He bought two huge oysters and a really long octopus tentacle.  The workers promptly put it in a polystyrene box filled with ice.  After that, we just had to hope that it would last the 5 hour journey home!

We left at around 3:30p.m. and hit a lot of heavy traffic due to the holiday rush and roadworks.  We ended up getting home at 10p.m., vowing never to drive that far again.  Next weekend away will definitely be in Niigata, which only takes about two hours to get to by car.  We were both really exhausted, but at least now I can relax at home, whereas Yusuke had to get up to go to work today!


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