Dog at the Door

When I got up this morning, Yusuke said there was a policeman walking around in between our apartment blocks.  A couple of minutes later, we heard the policeman’s voice near our door.  Yusuke opened the door to find a young Afghan hound had taken residence at our front door and was refusing to budge.  Our neighbour had called the police early this morning to let them know there was an unknown dog just sitting there.  The dog looked as if he was well looked after but wasn’t wearing a collar.  He didn’t look aggressive, just a bit frightened.  The policeman had a rope around the dog’s body, but couldn’t get the dog away from our door!  Everytime he tried to pull him away, the dog dragged his heels with his tail between his legs and kept trying to get into our apartment!  I’m not a big fan of Afghans, but his face looked so scared that I just wanted to let him come in!

Eventually, the dog’s owner came and said he’d run away and wasn’t wearing a collar because he lived in the house and not in a kennel in the drive like most dogs in this area.  It was a very weird way to wake up, and kind of nice to think that he thought our home was a good one to come to!


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