Air Conditioner!

Yusuke had a half-day off today to make up for the half-day he had to work last week, so we went to Takasaki to look at air conditioners.  The people who lived here before had an air-conditioner in the south bedroom.  The air conditioners also double up as heaters and it can get a little bit cold in winter, so we need a heater at some point. 

There is no central heating in most apartments in Japan, including ours, and windows often let in a lot of cold/hot air.  The room where we plan to have the air conditioner fitted is the spare room at the moment.  We’ll change to the spare room until after the baby is born, and then eventually that room will be the nursery and I suppose we’ll be back in the other room. 

A lot of families in Japan live in small houses/apartments and share bedrooms with the rest of their family.  Families also tend to live together even after they get married and start a family of their own.  A typical traditional sleeping arrangement might be Grandma and Grandpa in one room, then Father, Mother and children all together in another room.  This is especially likely if the family sleeps in tatami mat rooms with futons instead of beds, as the futons are folded up and put in the cupboard during the day.

This isn’t my bedroom, by the way, just an image…


We’ll buy a cot soon, but baby will move to a futon instead of a bed later on, as all of our rooms have tatami matting in this place, and we already have two or three spare futons. 

Anyway, we finally bought an air-conditioner in the sale that still cost about 300 pounds!!! 



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