Space Restrictions

ImageI popped in at the supermarket after walking to the shoe shop because I was desperate for the loo.  Japanese style toilets are the squatting type, but there are usually “Western style” toilets available too.  Let me just clarify that the “western style” toilets are like thrones.  There are heated seats, a washerette facility and sometimes even a flushing sound so you can use the toilet in complete privacy..

Having lived in Tokyo for three years, I’m used to only using the Japanese style toilets very occasionally.  If I used a Japanese toilet, it would be in a park or small station or somewhere a bit rural.  Now I live in Gunma, however, it’s more rare to see a western style toilet.  This wouldn’t usually bother me so much, but now I’m getting bigger, I’m having some problems finding the momentum to get back up!  Added to this, the supermarket near my house has the smallest toilet in the world!  The doors open in, and almost touch the wall.  I have to do a bit of a Houdini to swing open the door, squeeze past the tank until I can open the door to get out of there.  It’s hardly any wonder that people feel pressurised to diet here when we can’t even get out of the toilet.Image


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