Saturday afternoon horror…

After going home from the hospital and having some lunch, it was time for the next dreaded appointment of the day….


I decided last time I went, that after they had cleaned all of my teeth, I was going to wait until after the baby was born until they started “grinding” my teeth down and fixing fillings.  For one, I want to do that when they can really drug me up, and I’ve been really stressing about that, and I’m stressed enough about everything that this is something I wanted to delay for a while. 

It’s a weird situation here in Japan, where the Dental Hygienist that does most of the easy work.  The woman who scraped my teeth on Saturday was really fast!  It really hurt!  Last time, the other woman went slowly and made sure I was ok, but I’m starting to think that “quick and painful” is the way to go.  I think the thing I hate the most about the dentist is feeling so claustrophobic with my mouth full of hands, tools and blood, so the faster they can get all of that stuff out, the better.

After that, Yusuke told the hygienist that I wanted to wait for the rest, and she told the dentist.  At the time, I didn’t realise this, but Yusuke said they had been arguing about it.  The dentist was saying that I should just have it done now with a little bit of anesthesia that supposedly wouldn’t harm the baby.  The hygienist was saying that she understood my feeling and they were squabbling about it.  I’m thinking I might go to another dentist after the baby, where they work together a little bit better..



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