I probably didn’t tell you the situation that is happening around our new apartment.  The old apartment in Takasaki was next to the train depot, so very noisy in the morning.  This apartment, however, is quite far from the train line and station and a five minute walk away from the main road.  In theory, that should make it a really quiet area. 

When we first moved in, there was a piece of land across the road and there was a sign up, saying that they were about to build a house on it.  In the U.K., I would expect builders to start working at around 9a.m. and then finish up at around 5p.m.  Every morning since we’ve moved in, the building seems to be starting up earlier, and is now getting underway at around 7:20a.m.  Is there ANY need for that?!?  The building will finish on September 25th, which is a day before my due date.

Most houses in Japan are made from wood, so it means a lot of banging is going on all the time.  Add to that the fact that there are about 5 dogs down this street whose owners don’t seem to care if they bark continuously all the live long day.

It’s too hot to keep the window closed and not yet hot enough to be hotter outside than in, so in the morning it’s a real noise fest.  As if that wasn’t enough, the newspaper man delivers his papers on a really loud motorbike…at 4a.m.  Want more?  They’ve just started digging up the road to lay new pipes for gas or something, which is going to last until August 31st.

So, in short, I wake up to banging, pneumatic drilling, dogs and motorbikes.  And people say I live in the countryside.


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