Baby Update II

I went to the hospital for the 3D scan yesterday.  We bought a videotape from the hospital shop and then went into the scan room.  I was lying down flat so it was difficult to see the screen, but Yusuke could see it well.  The baby was lying head down on my right side.  The face was sleeping right next to the wall of the uterus, so it was difficult to get a clear shot.  One of the hands was also covering the face, so it wasn’t really a great time for the scan.  We did see the baby yawn/swallow fluid and move around a little bit.  The feet were tucked up between the legs, so again it was difficult to see the sex, but later the feet came down and the doctor said, oh, it’s a girl.  Of course she can’t tell us it’s 100%, just to cover herself, but she said almost 100%, and I could see pretty well too.

Finally, the baby put both of her hands up by her face and turned completely to face my back…must be shy.  So I was rolled over and over again to try to get the baby to move, but it didn’t really work.  We were in there for about 40 minutes.  It seems every time I go for a scan, she gets shy.  The technician recommended coming again in week 32 when the baby has a bit more fat on her. 

The attached picture is the face.  You can clearly see the eye, nose and mouth, and the big white part on the right is the wall of the uterus.


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