I typed a load of stuff in the last blog, and it got deleted for some reason, so I’ll keep this one short.  Went to eat Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) for lunch yesterday with MIyoko and Kyoko (Yusuke’s mother and sister).  I ate like a pig.

After that, Yusuke, Miyoko and I went to the Vice President’s house to say thank you for the glasses that he gave us for our wedding gift, and to take O Chugen.  O Chugen is a summer gift that employees sometimes give to their boss.  It’s usually easy to buy from a selected section at the supermarket or department store and consists of alcohol, cake or something else that you can put in your mouth that looks expensive.  We drove one hour, found that he was working, but his wife answered.  We stood and bowed about 600 times at the door, then got back in the car and drove another hour back to Maebashi.  After this seemingly easy day, I got home exhausted and slept like a log – until 2a.m. when the boy racers decided to use our (really narrow) street as a race track…


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