Saturday 1st July

Well, it’s definitely summer and woke up on Saturday morning at around 3a.m. with the thermometer reading 30 degrees celsius.  The fan didn’t really help and there is no air conditioner in the bedroom, so we have to put our window air conditioner in there instead, which is a bit of a task.  The photo is of the bedroom window, and as there is no balcony on that side of the apartment, and bars on it, it’s impossible to install a proper air conditioner.  There’s no way I can stand sleeping in there in July and August though, so a window air conditioner will have to do.

Went to a second-hand store that has a lot of baby items, and bought an Aprica baby carrier for about 3000 yen (around 18 pounds), picture will follow on the next blog.  It’s in really good condition for a used one.  They also had a nice pushchair, also Aprica, for 20,000 yen (around 100 pounds), which I thought was a lot, but after having seen the new models on their website for 80,000 yen (400 pounds), it’s looking like more of a bargain.

After going to the bakery, buying the baby carrier, and picking up Yusuke’s car from the garage, I was ready to collapse.  I’m having troub

ARGHHHHH!!!!  I lost the rest of this blog!


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