Holiday Plans

The “sea season” is coming up, and as 17th July is a national holiday this year (marine day), it means that Yusuke can get a three day weekend off work.  I did some research on the internet and managed to find a potentially nice beach area called Ooarai Sun Beach, which is apparently, “one of the most pleasant spots for bathing in the Kanto area.  It’s on the Pacific Ocean Coast, so it’ll be the first time for me to go to the Pacific in Japan.  It’s also written that it can get crowded, so I’m hoping we can catch it before the busiest season (20th July-20th August).  I already got a maternity swimsuit, so all I need now is the sunblock.  We’ll be going by car too, so it won’t be half as stressful as taking the train with a parasol and a rubber ring…I might even take a chair with me.


The hotel have a special deal on at that time, so we booked the room and are definitely going, so I’m really excited – yay!  Last year we went away to Niigata (on the Japan Sea coast) and Izu (which I didn’t like because it was so crowded).  Niigata was nice, and we even got to do a bit of snorkelling.  Despite what people said, we could also see the bottom of the sea.  I found that three days was kind of nice.  I get bored really quickly and I think it’s because it gets so unbelievably hot.  It was 32 degrees here yesterday, but the killer was the humidity, which is already at 60%  It’s times like this when I’m thankful that I don’t have to wear a suit all day, and can even go without leaving the house!


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