Open the door!

I got up at 7a.m., made Yusuke’s lunch, had breakfast, and went back to bed.  I was rudely awoken at about 10:30 by the doorbell.  I’m often unsure whether to answer the door or not, because if it’s the NHK man (equivalent of the t.v. licence patrol), I don’t want to answer, and if it’s religious people I don’t want to answer either.  But then they started banging at the door and called out who they were, so I shouted out, “just a minute!” and threw on a baggy shirt over my pyjamas.  I looked awful – see photo taken one minute later..

When I opened the door, I was greeted by two policemen, which was a bit of a shock.  I’m sure I was more of a shock though, because I had literally just woken up and wasn’t dressed and am not Japanese.  Anyway, they handed me a piece of paper and I told them that I couldn’t read it, but I would ask my husband to sort it out later.  He said, “I’m sorry”, which doesn’t mean that he knows how to speak English, as everyone knows, “I’m sorry”. 

I managed to understand that he was collecting residents information (names, jobs and dates of birth).  He had Yusuke down as Ryosuke for some reason, and the chinese character was wrong.  He asked me what the correct character was, but of course I had absolutely no idea how to explain it (there are a lot of different ways to pronounce a character and they all depend on which other character they are combined with, so usually people will explain it by giving the example of another word), but managed to find a piece of paper with it written on.  When it came to my information, he was confused about why my last name was Aoyama, but he finally wrote all the information down and was really quite kind.  I just felt a bit awful standing there in the middle of the morning in my nightclothes…


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