Entry for 27 June 2006

Well after starting to get really bored, I thought I’d start this blog.  I went to pick up my new alien registration card today.  I tried a new route to Shin-Maebashi station, but it still took 30 minutes on foot and it REALLY hot today, so not a pleasant walk.  I bought a parasol a week or two ago, which I never thought I’d buy, but it does make some kind of a difference. 

After getting to Shin-Maebashi station, I took the train to Maebashi (one stop) and started walking towards the city hall.  This was also a bit of a trek, and a pain in the bum, because there are a lot of over-road pedestrian crossings, so very tiring to walk up and down all the steps in this heat.  I got my card with little difficulty, so my name is fully changed now.  My new photo is awful though.  I can’t believe I have to put up with that for another five years…

That was all quite tiring, so went for an ice coffee after that and ended up sitting outside the cafe for about an hour.  It’s amazing how being pregnant combined with the heat can be so draining.  I watched the world go by, and thought it was funny to see how many suited men have now changed their dress to “cool biz”.  This is short for “cool business”, which also doesn’t make any sense.  Basically, Prime Minister Koizumi decided a year or two ago, that Japan’s strict working dresscode wasn’t appropriate for Japanese summers.  Before that, most workers would sit at their desks with their jackets and ties on (especially in businesses where customers/clients visit).  Now the “cool biz” dresscode is short sleeved shirts without ties and the top button opened.  Men should still wear white undershirts though.  It wouldn’t do to catch a glimpse of oh-so unprofessional chest hair through the shirt…All in all, I think it’s a really good idea.  What isn’t a good idea is that Koizumi also said that we should set our air-conditioners at 28 degrees celsius..Mine is set at 23 and will undoubtedly go down to 18 before the summer’s out.

After my looooong break, went to find the library and did so quite easily, which is a miracle considering my sense of direction is so poor.  They have quite a large selection of books in English, but a lot of them don’t really appeal to me.  I’m not sure where they get the books from, but they don’t really seem to refresh their collection very well.  One good thing to remember is that they have a lot of childrens’ books in English too.  All books are loaned out for two weeks, but if you don’t return them on time, they charge you…nothing.  Hmm.  However, I felt that keeping the books too long was just rude and I like to follow the rules, especially being a foreigner here, so I returned mine exactly 13 days after I loaned them out – even though I hadn’t finished reading them all.  This was about two weeks ago.  Yusuke still hasn’t returned his.

On the way back to the station, I came across a Presbyterian Church and wondered what that was.  Anyway, they have services in English every first Sunday, and even though I’m not a big fan of religion, I’m thinking about going if I get bored.  It might be a nice way to meet people..then again, maybe not.

The walk back to the station was a bit of a trek too, so I had to go for a drink in Mister Donut to recover.  All the donuts were too tempting, so despite eating chocolate doughnuts being forbidden, I had one.  Yum.

By the time I got all the way home, I was nearly dead.  I must have walked about 5km. today.  I got three blisters and have been sitting on the settee for the past six hours.  Ah my exciting day..Image


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