Baby Update

My last visit to the hospital was 19th June.  It looks as if I’ll be going every fortnight from now, which means about 10,000 yen per month (60 pounds), but is good to keep an eye on everything and to know what’s developing.

The last appointment was my last time to be treated by Dr Kubo.  She’s going to Tokyo University, but not sure whether she’s going there to teach or to study.  Her parting gift to me was to tell me that she was 80% sure that the baby was a girl.  I was quite shocked because somehow I’d got it into my head that it was going to be a boy.  The baby was asleep with crossed legs, so she said there’s sometimes a possibility that it could be a baby boy hiding!  I asked Fukuda san (the woman who works in the office who interprets for me) who she recommended for my next doctor.  She was really honest with me and said who was a bit rubbish.  The owner of the hospital and his son are obviously the best, but she said they’re always so busy, so I’m going to stick with Dr. Kubo’s replacement and see how she is.  My next appointment will be with Dr. Sato though (the owner’s son) because she’ll be having orientation or something.

The next check-up will be on July 4th, and it’s a 3D scan, so we should be able to really see for sure then.  They’ll scan for 30 minutes and put it onto a video.  I’m really looking forward to that one, because the recent scans have been a little bit blurrier than the earlier ones, even though there is technically more to see.  I’m also glad that Yusuke will be able to be there as well. 

Baby’s kicking a lot recently, and my stomach seems to have suddenly started growing.  It still seems weird, because I can’t see that I look pregnant.  I just feel fat.  I look a bit like I have a pot belly, so until I get a bit fatter a bit higher, I really do just feel like a fatso.  I can feel the baby kicking about 3 inches above my belly button now though, so it’s getting higher.  I’m starting to get a bigger appetite now too, although I’m not really putting on all that much weight.  I’ve only gained 4kg. throughout the whole pregnancy so far.  I think I’ll just suddenly put on 6 overnight, and then the doctor will shout at me.Image


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